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 Liquor Gift Bags


Bigger profits are very attractive!

Pub Pack’s Liquor Gift Bags are beautifully printed…and stocking them is a licence to print money! (In fact there’s more profit margin on these than some liquor items.)

We’ve made it easier for you to stock them by offering you Complimentary Vertical Display Strips – put them where your customers can see them and they will virtually sell themselves.

Counter stands are also available for more impact and visibility.

Our liquor gift bags come in a wide range of sophisticated designs for special occasions, plus there is a Seasonal Gift Bag range as well, all complete with FREE Gift Card.

Your corporate customers really love these, so stock up now and watch how quickly they get snapped up, especially during peak times like Christmas and Father’s Day.

Single Liquor Gift Bags

A brilliant way for your customers to turn a last minute present into a thoughtful gift. Ideal for wine or spirits.

Current Colours & Designs: Gold Stripe, Silver Stripe, Blue Dot, Red Dot, Blue/Gold Circle, Blue/Gold Stripe, Red Present Single Gift Bags with Handle Hole. These are constantly being updated with fresh new designs.

Double Liquor Gift Bags

Perfect if your customers can’t decide between red or white wine, scotch or rum, etc. These stylish and sophisticated gift bags are a terrific way to up-sell.

Current Colours & Designs: Black & Gold Stripe, Black Check, Black & Silver Check Double Gift Bags. Come back regularly and check out our latest new designs.


Broken bottles? Our problem, not yours! If any of our products* fail due to poor manufacture and the enclosed bottle(s) subsequently breaks, we will replace the broken bottle**(s) at wholesale price. We can’t be fairer than that!

(Subject to terms & conditions.) *Does not include paper bottle bags ** Neck of bottle must be supplied


quality guarantee

Fast delivery – order
despatched next business day

Australian Made


Pub Pack can look after all your liquor packaging needs, no matter how large or small.

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